TDK develops 200GB six layer recordable Blu-ray disc

I just posted the article TDK develops 200GB six layer recordable Blu-ray disc.

 At present, both 25GB single layer and 50GB dual  layer Blu-ray discs are be compatible with the Blu-ray drives getting ready to  launch.  Not that long ago, TDK worked on a 100GB quad...
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Hopefully this would not results in skyrocket media cost that makes the format never really take off during the entire product life; somewhat analogous to DVD-DL :wink: ;|

Blu-Ray will never make it. The media is too fragile and the design is too complex. Check this out

I agree with fedrive, HD-DVD is a good upgrade for now. I say that they shold dump Bluray and instead keep working on it with others too in order to form a NEW format (or bluray gen. 2) so that we can benefit from this in say 10 years time. And then get even more space, like 100-200Gb per disc or something. That would be great. HD-DVD is a better choise becaus it is the same technology (mostly) but just more space. Bluray is too much uncharted teritory and technology. I don’t trust it.

After reading fedrive post. We probably need to focus on Holographic storage, discs with 200Gb storage space will not be engouh in 5-10 years time. Thanks for the link, that was nice. Puts some thought into the boring bluray Vs. HD-DVD wars.

In 18 months when the price is $99 for a bluray burner with 8x speed and 4 layer feature it will be a great time to buy. :slight_smile:

In my opinion the whole next gen dvd standards got started off way too soon, before their maximum potential came to use. When the cdrom came out no private person had 700mb harddrives, when dvd’s came out it was probably about the average size hd back in 96, single layer, but dual layer was bigger than most hd’s back then. But when it comes to the new formats, atleast what was declared as the new standard, they are much much smaller than any hd nowadays. Think about it. Now, about a month after the new dvd standards are released they come out with somthing even better… but it’s not included in the first gen standardization.

“In 18 months when the price is $99 for a bluray burner with 8x speed and 4 layer feature it will be a great time to buy” Good luck on that one:B

This is GOOD News as i just can’t wait to get my 200GB Copies of “RV” and “Stick It” (I wish i could and you know where.)Also they must be in Windows DRM Compatible format VC-1 such as HD-DVD is. :r

I think most of the new formats are too soon, and not needed. Give dual layer some time and will be as cheap as singles right now. we all own a dual layer burner for the most part. no-one has a bd or hd burner. We can basically double our storage size with DL, for free, and its compatible.

I hope they develop that optical storage, everyone would want a optical disc that can store like 2-4 terrabyte of data. Blu-ray and HD-DVD are just minor crapy upgrades, don’t matter, they are still way to small for my information needs. And they way it’s looking now, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will be verry expencive for a while too. Eveyone who says otherwise are wrong, just look at the history of DVD and you will understand.