TDK develops 1TB capacity optical disc

TDK develops 1TB capacity optical disc.

[newsimage][/newsimage]It looks like TDK Corp is the current front-runner in the quest to create the largest capacity optical disc. At the Ceatec Japan 2010 trade show last week, the company unveiled a disc that is capable of recording up to 1 terabyte of data.

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Interesting, but I tend to regard any proposed new disc formats as aspirational until something more concrete appears.

Even then there’s usually a format war of some sort and whilst you may have opinions on which is best, no one is ever sure what way things will pan out.


Problem is with the limitations presented by the materials used in making discs, the state of error correction and at the present state of affairs a 1TB disc would likely have a shelf live of about 5 minutes or until the first spec of dust puts a micro scratch in the surface. I’m all for bigger and better toys, but I also remember that compact discs were supposed to last 25 years…and now just look at them *laughs

Where are my isolinear chips? :stuck_out_tongue:

sad thing is by the time this reaches market we’ll probably have 5tb and up hard drives.

[QUOTE=buzz86us;2549807]sad thing is by the time this reaches market we’ll probably have 5tb and up hard drives.[/QUOTE]

I agree :iagree:
and when can I use 100GB BD-R ? :stuck_out_tongue: … ?
they are too slow …

Flash Drive’s are so much smaller than a disc, my guess is the prices will keep falling as the sizes keep getting larger, who knows, in a few years we could have a 1tb micro SD card.

I think it does not matter if such discs ever reach a standard. Lets say manufacturer ABC comes out with a 250GB disc and a player for it. The player has a rewritable medium too inside and lets say that the player can connect to the Net for updates to the rewritable part. So basically we get a old school appliance with the heavy static data on such a medium and with minor updates on rewritable medium. Every new batch comes with those updates “baked in”. The medium could be sealed in a cartridge so you simply order the latest one. It is closed for sure and tedious to boot but it is a workable solution for certain type of applications such as location based services where the geo data is on optical disc and points of interest and their offers on rewritable medium.