TDK DED+440 audio outputs

I recently acquired a used TDK DED+440 disc burner. It has left and right RCA plug audio outputs which should allow sound to travel directly from the burner to my stereo equipment, bypassing my computer’s puny amplifier – in theory. For some reason the plugs don’t work. The burner is connected to an iMac G3 running on OS X.3.9. (The computer is even older than the burner.)

Those don’t always work, and I wouldn’t be surprised if those are supposed to as well. The manual would be helpful if I could find one. Lots of helpful information on the TDK website (sarcasm). “Please call at 1-800-285-2783 or send an e-mail to

I downloaded the manual a few days ago. Because TDK no longer makes this burner, I couldn’t find the manual at the main TDK site; I had to go to Unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact page on the site that had the manual, but it wasn’t helpful, anyway. All it said was that the DED+440 has audio outputs that you can plug into stereo equipment. I also emailed TDK but they said they couldn’t help me because the product has been discontinued. I hoping there was someone at this site who owns or once owned the thing and was able to solve this problem.

So I assume you have the drive connected via RCA cable to your receiver and you are playing an audio CD?