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On the HardwareZone website we can find a review of the external TDK CyClone drive. The drive has 48x read and write speeds and it can re-write discs at 16x:

Another external CD-RW drive? Yes,…

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“But we felt that having a 24x re-write format would have been a better investment - since a 24x re-write drive would have been able to re-write at 16x too, but not vice versa.” Who writes these articles … doesn’t the above text state the bleeding obvious?

LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Yes it does actually…

The site is going to shit again. Please get real editors.

I hope you’re not referring to our site smokeingit? We’re just quoting text from the review written by to give people an idea what to expect from the review… We of course didn’t write the review ourselves… is going to waste.