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I just posted the article TDK CyClone 40x12x48x CD-R/RW review @ has done a review on the TDK CyClone 40/12/48 CDRW. TDK’s latest drive seems to do very good in the tests done by HardWareZone.

They are also very satisfied with the…

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:9 That is the best looking Lite-On drive I’ve ever seen. Yes it it manufactured by Lite-On. Surprised that the performance was near identical to the IOmega drive? Well, the IOmega drive is also produced by Lite-On so in fact they are the same. And somebody is wondering why Lite-On is so large? Well it seems like everybody and their dog is getting the drives manufactured by them.

The blue tray is there to reduce errors? Gimme a break!

Hmmm… if this is just another LiteOn LTR-40125 clone… you should be able to use it’s firmware in a real LiteOn, shouldn’t that be possible?? In the data for the TDK, it stands that the drive can burn 20x CLV… LiteOn doesn’t… And that is a great thing to be able to do! :4