TDK compatability issues with Memorex CD-RW media?

I recently bought several packs of bulk Mermorex CD-RW 4X Media, to accomplish a large downloading of data.
To my chagrin, the very first disk was ignored by the TDK 40/12/48B Burner, or it comres up with odd errors, upon repeated attemtps to write to the Memorex disk.
Yet, TDK’s CD-RW media is acknowledged and records without so much as a whimper.
Cans someone explain to what this is due? And, is their a rectification for it?

For some reason I can’t seem to access the TDK website so I’m not sure if this is the problem but are you sure your drive can write to a 4x CD-RW. I say this because some drives will only write to certain CD-RW discs at certain speeds and just because it will write to a 12x doesn’t mean it will write to a 4x. Have a look in the manual / documentation that came with your drive and see what speeds it supports for CD-RW burning, I’ll try the tdk website again tomorrow and see what I can come up with.
You could also try a firmware upgrade if you aren’t already running the latest one.

Just managed to get on the TDK website and it should write to these discs ok. What are you trying to do / backup, and do you get any error msg’s whem trying to write and what software are you using.


What do the odd errors say exactly?

I typically get a message “cdrw401240B waiting for media,” the window further indicates the writer is empty and the tray ejects. {For the first time, I notice that the messages says my writer is a “401240B,” whereas the faceplate say it’s a "401248B.}
Closing the window and pushing back in the tray, forcing the issue, simply has Nero state that the burn was “aboted” by user.
Inserting a new disk, finally getting a burn to start, typically results in this sucession of messages from Nero: “Write error”; “Invalid write state”; “Could not perform end track”; “session fixation error”; “Could not perform fixation”; "burn process failed at 4X (600 Kb/s)
Now were I to try using this disk, again, I would recieve the first error, of which I spoke and the disk would be ignored by the reader.