TDK comes with new 24 speed and 32 CDRW drives

I just posted the article TDK comes with new 24 speed and 32 CDRW drives.

In december you should able to buy your first TDK 32x CDRW drive, TDK then introduces a new line of 32 speed drives with as interface tastes, ATAPI, USB and FireWire. Also a new line of 24 speed…

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Is this posting correct?? You say a 32x CDRW? Do you mean a 32x CDR drive? Just wanna know if it’ll be able to write to rewriteable disks at 32x. :slight_smile:

Of course it’s only 32x speed writing, the drives rewrite at 10 speed.

Are these by Sanyo or Plextor?

The 24x was Sanyo… Plextor does not have a 32x writer (yet)… use your brain.