TDK / CMC 16x DVD+R printable burning at 4x

I bought the above media (sorry, don’t have the media code handy) at Costco - 100 for 40 bucks. I’m using a Sony DRU-700A . It’s supposed to do +R at 8x, and does fine with every other disk I burn. But for the first of these it did 4x, a little time at 6x, then back down to 4x.
I’m using the latest firmware VY08. Is there anything I can do to improve speed ?

Sounds like a lack of firmware support for the media code (CMC M01?). Short of getting a newer burner, you may want to look into crossflashing your drive to a Liteon 832S(?), the firmware support may be a bit better with the Liteon firmware.

The media code is CMC MAG-M01-00 . The burner does see it as 2.4x, 4x, 6x and 8x capable. I just burned a few more disks. They went all the way to 8x and not back down. Total burn time was about 8 minutes. I guess it’s not consistent.

I always do verification on the disks. The read time was 9 minutes 39 s. So that’s a total of about 18 minutes to do burning + verification.

Is there a burner that can cut down that total time significantly, eg. for example in half ?

Is it just a case of the burner “learning” about the media, that’s what Liteons do.