TDK closes 2 factories

I just posted the article TDK closes 2 factories.

The Japanese TDK page reports that TDK has closed two of it’s factories in the United States. One situated in California and one in Georgia. The factory in Georgia produced CD-R’s, but because of the…

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Yeah right, they produced more than they could sell. Don’t make me laugh. There are still more people who are getting a writer, so I can’t believe they wouldn’t sell more cdr … Just a silly reason to close that factory and to build a new one somewhere in Russia … Those guys are to greedy :frowning: I hope they will sell even less cdr right now.

Don’t take this the wrong way … Please stop using whatever it is you use to translate … This is like the 4th article translated that made no sense what so ever

Cents is does make :slight_smile: $ does it not :stuck_out_tongue: CDR’s cheaper they will be :4 (YODA)

It’s those NoName cd’s that’s beeing so cheap that the other companies that produces cd-r’s looses sales. Personally I don’t see much difference between the NoName’s and the others, except the label that’s missing on the NoName’s

usa_dewd, I know it’s a verrrrrry bad translation, but you should get the picture when reading it, well that’s where I posted it for :4 But I agree, it’s very hard to read. I hope you’ll forgive. Too bad I don’t have time to take lessons in Japanese :wink: