Tdk Certified Plus Cd´s reliability



I personally trust TDK and i believe it´s a prestigious brand. I´ve been looking for some information and I discoverd that the dye used is cyanine stablelized with metal. In this forum i had found that this is not the most stable dye, but i also read that TY cds have the same one… As i don´t understand a lot about this things…

My question is: what´s is your experience with this cd´s taking into account longevity, reading precision, etc?

I need the cd´s for burning very important stuff that i need to last for a long long time and they´ll have some use.

I´ve burned 2 of them and then ran tests on them. The results are very similar, so i´ll attach only one.


What’s the ATIP on those discs? A C1/C2 test isn’t going to work with an LG CD burner btw.


I don´t know what ATIP is… could you explain me so i can tell you??

You´re wrong i think… i´ve tested other cds and it detected some and many C1/C2 errors…


There is no such thing as a disc without any C1 error, so [B]Two Degrees[/B]’ input is definitly relevant. This scan above is simply impossible. Looks like the drive does not report C1 (actually the checkbox for C1 is greyed out, wich confirms this).

ATIP can be retrieved by CDSpeed, just click the “disc info” tab, you can then save it as .png and post it here. :wink:


Here’s a couple of TDKs I have had since 2002. I didn’t burn them so I can’t say what burner or speed was used.

#1 is a TDK Certified Plus silver top that IDs as a Ritek
#2 is a TDK Ultra Reflex X white/silver top that IDs as a Taiyo Yuden

I don’t have any idea what TDK is using now, but I can say that out of my 150 or so CDs that are the same age as the ones scanned here, Imation CMCs have held up very poorly and Fuji Taiyo Yudens have held up the best.