Tdk Cdrw241040x



I posted this in the General Hardware Forum also, but I thought I would try both...

I have a TDK CDRW241040X and I am wondering if it is a rebadged Lite-On (I have heard some are). The current firmware is 6z34.

Thanks for any help.



I know that the 241040B is an OEM Lite-ON, I don’t think that the 241040X is though. Try using mtkflash with it, maybe it will work.


Firmware 6Z34 seems to be a Lite-On firmware so most likely it’s a Lite-On model yes.


If it is a Lite-ON, then it’s the LTR-24103S. Obviously.


thanks for the info guys!



Just wanted to find out if anyone had successfully flashed their TDK 241040X with firmware version 6z34. It matches the Lite-On firmware version numbering scheme, but I wanted to get some confirmation about the success or failure of flashing the firmware of this drive. I don’t burn enough stuff to NEED 48x speeds, but heck, if I can get it, I’ll take it.

Let me know!



A 24x Lite-On can only be upgraded to 32x. Not 48x sadly…