Tdk Cdrw 401248b



Well I upgarded the firmware to VS02 and it looks good except that windows xp says it's just a cd-rom drive. However Nero recognizes the drive just fine. I did a simulation at 48x and it worked fined.

Also I did a test with Nero CD Speed but I get errors during the write test occuring above 70 minute mark. I've run the test 3 times now and it occured three times.

I'm using Khypermedia 32X cd-r's but since Nero CD Speed is just a simulation I don't why the errors are occuring.

Anybody else with the Lite-ON based TDK model ??


I still think it’s the media.

It fails in simulation as well with bad media. Happens for me with moser baer media…


Ok, I will open my TDK 40x media and see if that changes anything…


Yep worked fine with TDK 40x media so I guess it works ok then:)