TDK CDrs in Tin Tube

Ferreting about in my local Tandy Electronics store the other day I saw TDK branded CDrs in a tin tube (like a biscuit container) with a blue label. The tin holds 100 CDrs and is stamped “Made in India”.
Are these only for the Australian market… and does anyone know who really makes them and if they are any good???

If they are made in India, they are undoubtedly Moser Baer discs.

Are they any good??? Never seen the Moser Baer brand in Australia.

Moser Baer TDKs (both CDR and DVD+R) have been good for me, so far (burned on LG4163 (A106) and LG4167 (DL13)).

Edit: I’ve also burned plenty of the CDRs on a Sony CRX230EE CD burner, they burn quite nicely.


Thanks Arachne… If they’re good for you then that’s recommendation enough for me. :slight_smile:

Yeah, seems that they are always underestimated because they are “Made in India”.

Put it this way…I’ve trusted one set of my backups (I have two sets) to the TDK MBI CDRs, and the DVD+Rs (MBIPG101 R04). :wink:

It’s not just that. MBI media used to be plain awful, both CD and DVD recordable media that is, quality and compatibility wise. Things have changed over the last few years, and the overall quality, and most importantly, compatibility of MBI media has improved dramatically.

MBI’s main problem a few years ago was the poor firmware support from the drive manufacturers -> unoptimised write strats in combination with mediocre (at best) disc quality lead to horrible burns.

Today, MBI media is one of the better alternatives for budget-oriented consumers. As you may know, tests of the German magazine c’t showed MBI DVD+R media to be of good quality, and very resistant against climatic impact.

Quality definitely is good at the moment.

I am using some DVD’s made by them - fantastic quality.