TDK CDR401248X... can i make it faster?



Hey guys. Is there anyway i can flash this drive to a faster model? Thx!


If it was a CDRW401248B, then you could. I don’t think that you can with this model though.


How would i know if it was the B model?

Also, my drive is 40x12x48, but the firmware lables it was 40x12x40…



How is it identified by tools such as Nero InfoTool ant DISC Info? It should also say X or B on the front of the drive.


I have this drive where may I get the firmware you spoke of?

Thank you,


What firmware did we speak of? What is your current firmware version?


Sorry to say, but i don’t think u can. Im pretty sure u have the 401248 X model. THEY SUCK, no offense, but i have kiiled 2 already and am on my 3rd one, all from warranty. Buy a new burner! i got an ASUS crw5224 and its sweeet. :smiley: