TDK CD-R80 InkJet Printable Disc x50

In Regards to owning and using TDK CD-R discs over the years i have come across a significant problem in 2 of my spindles and would like to get some help reagrding this matter.

I originally started using the TDK CD-R GOLD 700/80 MultiSpeed Compatible discs which have worked fine for me.

I then switched over to the TDK CD-R80 (White) InkJet Printable Disc 700/80which have again worked fine for me, with a slight distinction such as a TDK Logo on the inner ring.

Is where the problem lies within this new generation disc’s.
They are the TDK ‘Life On Record’ CD-R80 (White) InkJet Printable Disc 700/80. These have a slight distinction with my number #2’s with no TDK Logo on the inner ring.

Now my problem lies with the number #3 disc’s that im using in as much as the recordable shiny surface side, which has on a number of disc’s within the spindle, leaving a sticky gluey effect when i place my thumb on the surface. This leaves my fingerprints on it real badly and leaves residue like grease when i wipe it with a disc repair cloth.
Where as on my #1 & #2 discs they have a real shiny smooth glass finish surface which leaves no finger prints at all when wiping with the same cloth.

These #3 disc’s also cause a static/click like sounds on playback mode of an audio disc recording that i made.
I used a combination of either slow to fast speed burns on Roxio EMC10 & Nero
All discs complete successfully.

Im in limbo of understanding why these #3 type discs leave me with this problem of having to wipe the whole spindle individually to get a smooth glass like finish feel -=and=- also why so many cds in between fail on producing a quality audio disc with all that static like licking sounds on it. Which tend to come from only from the sticky greasy like residue left on the recordable surface.

Any one able to help me with this queery of mine?

Thanks in advance

Your trader friend :wink:


Melbourne, Australia

i have these disc, and they do not burn on my burner at all, peices of poo

Very interesting … I had exactly the same problem as well, with a batch of discs purchased around the same time. Didn’t notice the sticky residue at the time, but all I got was a dozen coasters … tried 3 different drives (2 Pioneers, 1 AOpen), 2 different computers, several different burning programs (WinXP) – even the bullet-proof k3b (Mepis Linux) couldn’t help me out!

Scanning the resultant discs with Nero CDSpeed showed that 75-90% of the burnt sectors were damaged and unreadable … and of the only 2 discs that were playable at all, I too had a regular, static-like tick.tick.tick sound mixed in with the music.

So I gave up and wrote it off to experience, assuming that either: (1) Imation’s purchase of TDK’s media division meant that their quality control had gone down the toilet, or (2) That maybe (?) I had been sold a bunch of counterfeit discs (I purchased them from a computer fair on the Central Coast of NSW on the 27th September 2008).

Anyway, I put them aside until yesterday … opened up the cakebox and while trying to figure out whether I should just throw the whole spindle away, I noticed they felt odd … and that’s when I found the sticky/greasy coating on every single disc!

That’s when I stumbled onto your post … and guess what? I rang TDK Media Australia this morning and yes, they did have a bad batch last year, but all the current discs are fine … when did you buy them? Late last year? OK, give me your details and we will send you a replacement free of charge!

The number I rang was (1800) 225 013 and they were terrific … finally a company that is keen to keep it’s reputation intact.

Hope this helps … cheers, Gary.