TDK CD-R Audio

Hi folks, just come across this excellent site, and you all seem very knowledgable (a little over me head), so I thought this would be the best place to ask a a few questions I have regarding TDK CD-R Audio

I have recentlly decided to back-up all my legally obtained mp3’s, but as I want them to store for as long as long as possible, I want to get the best media, but here in Australia, it seems that all the stores media , reflect price over quality. I would also like to purchase the discs with jewel cases.

I have found this two types of discs common here, but are they of good quality,

TDK CD-R Audio XA80, roughlly AU$2.00 a disc (I purchased 5 and they seem good so far?)

TDK Gold (I think that’s what there called) , roughlly AU$1.00 a disc (They seem to look cheap)

Thanks for you’re help & advice, guys & gals.


CD-R marked as “audio” are normally intended to be used in HiFi-recorders. Results are often not so good if they are used in computer drives.
So, for backups of mp3, it is safe to use good “data” media. If you can get Verbatim Pastell or Verbatim Data Life Plus (PLUS is important!), take these and buy jewel cases separately.


Hi Shannon26,
Welcome to the forums!!
You should be save with any CD-R stating Made in Japan. If both TDKs you mention in your post are Made in Japan there should be no difference in quality. CD-Rs which have Made in Japan (or MIJ as we call them) written on the package are 99% of the time made by Taiyo Yuden (TY) which are considered the best you can get by most forum members. The rest MIJ not made by TY is also good media (well most likely you wont find any non TY MIJs because they are really rare). So if you need good quality media just look out for the Made in Japan printed on the package.

koba: The problem is the availability. In my area, only three shops are still carrying TY CD media, and this is most likely part of their old stock. And not everybody prefers ordering online…

At least in Europe, TDK has no indication of origin anymore. You have to look carefully at the cakeboxes or the jewel cases to guess.

I think Verbatim DataLifePlus or any high quality CD-R (and even some cheaper media like Aldi) should work for music. Sound distortions can occur with bad media.

Awesome, thanks for the reply’s folks, have helped me alot, and eased my mind, I definitelly have to stick around these forums. Thanks again.

Try OS media trade for Taiyo Yuden Cds .