TDK brings us new writer and media



I just posted the article TDK brings us new writer and media.

In this press release TDK announces the 24/10/40 TDK VeloCD ReWriter, and Certified Plus CD-R discs specially designed for recording at 24x speed. Also in this pressrelease a note that TDK offers…

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Sounds pretty good to me. Main question is though is which chipset does it use. The one that can copy SafeDisc 2 or the one that cant. I used to Love Plextor but to be honest these days they seem to be lagging behind when it comes to releasing drives that are up to current speeds. Also, they’re just releasing IDE drives when they do release them which is what the other companies off. PLEXTOR -> I know you read this from back in the day when we had the whole discussion about you not supporting Safedisc 2. CATCH UP AND GIVE US BACK SCSI!! If you want your drives to stand out then make them. SCSI is for the pro’s!! :slight_smile:


Having said that, I do have a 124TSi and I love it. I seem to be getting quite a few coasters these days though which is annoying for a drive just over a year old! :frowning:


Oh yeah!! I was also noticing… Anyone noticed how the amount of reply posts these days seems to have dropped. I’ve noticed a trend. The only posts with many replies are the ones about CDR stuff and Warez/mp3. All the general news one’s never seem to really pick up any replies. Is that because no one cares about them or just cause there’s nothing to say about them??? POST YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW!


I think the posting have dropped these day´s due to hollydays… Lotta sun, beers, beach, some more beers and women - can life be better :4


no idea accutally…maybe cause the visitor amount has dropped ? (didnt check it)


I just checked the nedstat and the amount of visitors increased the last few days. June 17th there only was 1 user, yesterday there were 20203 users!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Lots of the news just seems to be the same old same old. hackers do this M$ screws up security and the like… so nice to read but nothing to say bout it as all has been said.


I think we are getting too wise and seem to already know too much about the new postings. Maybe, we should all unlearn - just joking :wink:


You want to know why? Because some of us can’t access the site in the last couple of weeks!


I just picked up this TDK 24x and it rocks. No point in waiting for 24x certf media the tdk 16x burns at 24x…Get some :d