TDK Branded 16X DVD-R Media 100 Pack $29.99 Shipped

Most people recommended TY, but it seems not cheap. :rolleyes: How about TDK?anyone tried this?

100 Pack TDK Branded 16X DVD-R Media in Cake Box $29.99 with Free Shipping


How about

100 pack tape wrap 8x DVD-r for those with mediocre burners or deal seekers for 14.99 after a 9 dollar mail in rebate

I don’t mean to spam if it is considered, but I couldn’t pass up this deal and I thought i would share.

Yes. Here’s a sample:

I like them, but not enough to deal with a rebate.

If they want to give me a $10 discount, they should give me a $10 discount, not hold the frigging $10 hostage for months.