TDK Blu-ray media available in the UK

I just posted the article TDK Blu-ray media available in the UK.

One week ago,
we had some feedback that TDK Blu-ray media, have been spotted in the UK.

At the moment we have
found that…

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I’d go on a rampage if I get a coaster out of those.

So how long would it take to write the full 25GB to one disc?

on the threads regarding the prototype Pioneer BD-R drive, 2x recording is about 45 minutes for 25 gigs. It’s roughly the equivalent of “8x” DVD recording.

45 mins for 25GB isn’t toooo bad, but if something goes wrong at the very end, I’d smash the disc for wasting my time and money.

$20 for 25GB? That makes it $200 for 250GB, when most 250GB harddrives are under $90-100 range, that’s about twice as expensive as hard drive storage. Way too expensive IMO for storage usage. And seeing as blu-ray movies are supposed to cost $20-30 I don’t see why would anyone buy one to create a backup either.

Are you stupid or what, your points are totally and completely irelevant. You make a comparison to cost of storage space on optical media to a hard drive? Stupid in the first place but what the hell I’ll let you off… Why didn’t you mention…DVD-R, they cost as little as 10p (15 cents) per disc. So thats 15$ for 437GB I know, I’ll just have a 5gb hard drive for winodws and store EVERYTHING else on a DVD-R… duuuuhhhh… Wake up! These discs are for distributing stuff in a CONVENIENT way, if you wanna carry a hard drive round with you everywhere thats great. You totally missed the point and shouldn’t be allowed to post if you can’t put together a straight though.

1 more thing, you can’t say they’re useless for backups. DVD-R cost 10-15 “dollars”, about 10 quid when they first came out. What the hell did you expect? Get an education

They’re not for conveniently distributing anything at this point. They’re not convenient or cheap, and no one owns the drives yet. If anything they’re good for making a suspicious collection of 700 XviD films on DVDs look not-as-suspicious, especially whilst travelling with them through border crossings. Also, I believe he is an educated geezer as he didn’t misspell “thought.” Not spelling it at all isn’t an argument, either. :g

OK sure, I missed one of the ways you could use it. I guess you could use them for distributing data along with “storage and movie backup” I mentioned before. However, at $20 a pop, it’s still way too expensive, which I also mentioned. I’d rather burn 5 DVD+Rs for less than $2. Does 10x, or $18 premium justifies the convenience of carrying one disk instead of 5? Probably not, at least not for the average user. If on the other hand you need to transport 437GB you’d be better off to putting all this stuf on one or two harddrives you already have and bringing them to your buddy. Wasting $360 for blueray media just so that you can transport the data once to a different location and then throw them out is stupid. Not to mention blueray writers cost $1K and both parties would need to have them. Well, if you and your buddy can afford $1K burners, sure you can afford to throw out $360 in media cost.

Yeah, sorry I over reacted abit (maybe alot) I guess its just, you read these stories, and its a new technology thats gonna cost alot, but I suppose its not really aimed at home consumers yet. Unless they have some great need for the storage. It will prolly be a couple of years before prices drop to reasonable $5 levels or so… Its a far more advanced technology than dvd and will most likely be a while before the taiwan based companies can start pumping out their cheaper variations… Anyway, soz for being a arrogant opinionated idiot :+:)