TDK begins shipping its highly anticipated 50GB Blu-ray disc

I just posted the article TDK begins shipping its highly anticipated 50GB Blu-ray disc.

TDK begins
shipping its highly anticipated 50GB Blu-ray disc
delivers state-of-the-art recording medium in time for IFA

31. August 2006 '“
new recording…

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wow only £30.35 per disk hmmm i just bought a 160gb hdd sata II inc del for £41.00 know where my money is going screw sh*t ray blue crash n burn
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Why would anyone in their right mind buy a blank blu-ray disc for 35euro when you can buy blu-ray movies that cost just a little bit more than the blank discs:(

For storage of course. But then the first post makes more sense, why would you buy BlueRay when you can just get Hard Drive for similar money…

And what will happen if people “DO” return all their defective disks/coasters? At 45 Euro’s a clip, returning defective media makes sense? Sure does make harddrives look attractive for now!! /// bobbo.:g

Your all idiots. Of course new technology is going to set you back a pretty penny, this is what happens. LIKE cdr’s and dvd’rs all of which I can remember been stupidly priced at first. You wont be moaning when your 50gb discs are a £1 each. Stop bitching and embrace the new optical format.

I think those guys all have very small memories. They don’t remember the ridiculously high prices of CD and DVD discs and drives, when they launched. Let the technology mature and watch the prices drop. Nobody is asking you to be early adopters so let it be. It’s getting ridiculous, really.

The problem is w/ prices like that the market won’t get saturated in order for prices to drop… as

ofc it will, just like it did with cds, and dvds, and so on so forth