TDK bd-r 50GB compatability


Has anyone used these disc’s with a pioneer bdr-205? I’m too tight to upgrade my burner and wanted to know if anyone else has used them with this burner. One of the reviewers mentions he had problems.


I hate to say it, but very few TDK labeled spindles actually contain TDK discs. 4x TDK BD-R DLs burn very well in my Pio 205, but I buy these to be sure I’m getting TDK DLs.

I thought the TY ones were LTH and avoided them in the past.


Not quite sure why TY decided to sell TDKs as their DLs, but glad to see it.
You are right, TY’s 25GB BD-R are LTH. All 50GB BD-R DL are HTL. The BD DL design is too complex to lend itself to LTH manufacturing.

TY’s were always good on price - I think I’ll try them (50gb).

Thanks for the info.