1st post for me. Been reading this forum for a long time and everyone
has been great with their knowledge of media. Have learned quite a bit.

Took a look at CC today at the TDK’s. All were 8x, MIT so I picked up 2
packs. Turned out to be CMC E01. I have had excellent luck with E01’s
on my 1655 and 203B. PIE’s do not exceed 20k and PIF’s are always less
than 400. Not quite as good as my T02’s or MCC004 but very acceptable.
Have never had a playback issue out of approx 200 burns.

Just wanted to let anyone know if their interested. $0.20/disc is a fair bargain
for this media.

E01 has also been great media for me. I’d consider A grade E01 to be even better than T02. That’s what I’ve experienced in my testing. My A grade E01 only scan slightly worse than my T02. T02 only beats my E01 in scanning and that’s @ 4x only also disregarding jitter, which E01 also beats T02 @. Scan faster like 16x for example and E01 destroys T02.

This is my own personal opinion, based off my various testing so T02 fanboys should not get upset at this. If you don’t believe me, scan T02 @ 16x and see what happens.

Btw, Burtran, thanks for the info about these E01. Anyone who’s a true cdfreak and never used E01 before should give a pack of these a shot.

$0.20/disc!? Geez. Times like this make me wish I had my own personal boat so I could stock up on media. :slight_smile:

Seriously, though. That’s a damn good deal, clear the shops.

Cheapest I ever got E01 was like 32 cents per disc. Got 200 right now.

If I found then for 20 cents each, it would be time for some big spending lol :bigsmile:

Gotta agree with you. Obviously will not give up my TY’s or Verbs, but these E01’s rank right up there with them. I’m not a scanning freak, but my BenQ’s just love them. Will be stopping after work and picking up as many as I can.
Don’t know why, though…have enough media to last me 3 lifetimes. Just can’t seem to pass up a good sale.

BTW, CC’s ad states that this is a closeout/no rainchecks. This could infer that they will be dropping TDK from the shelves. Will double check tonight.

Could mean that indeed. I’d stock up as much as I can (within reason, don’t want you going broke or anything lol)

I also had about 300+ discs then saw some E01 on sale and grabbed 200 of them along with 125 T02. We’re Cdfreaks, we can’t help it :stuck_out_tongue:

Moving this thread to the Bargain Basement :wink:

is an ok deal if you are completely out of media and need some quick

Sorry for posting in the wrong section. Will try and not let it happen again.

Did not mean to infer that this is a great or killer deal. Just wanted to pass along what I happened to find. This particular MID just happens to give me very good results with my hardware/configuration and the price is fairly reasonable. Thats all.

Don’t worry about it. Your thread would fit in either the Blank Media forum or the CD Freaks Bargain Basement; we just think it fits better where it is now.

Congrats on making your first posts on CD Freaks! :slight_smile:

Yep, exactly what Drage said :iagree:…it’s no biggie :slight_smile:

I think E01s are good discs, under known decent brands. The ones I have (Imation branded) have been going strong for two years+. The HP ones maybe a little less.

I’d buy a few more packs :bigsmile:

Thanks much DrageMester & Arachne.

I did stop after work and picked up a few more packs. This should hold me for awhile with E01. Thanks to everyone on this board…because of all of your posting and testing, I have quite a collection of quality blank media that I can depend on without worry.

Incidentally, I still have 100 or so of the NexxTech E01’s from months ago that CC had on sale. Those also burn surprising well and have held up for 7-8 months so far without problems. The only problem I can think of is that you have to give the disc a good visual check before burning. Maybe 4-5 of them had dye streaks in them (just like my shrink-wrapped TYG01’s did).

This is a good deal for E01s considering the fact that they are somewhat rare these days. I found a bunch of 25-pack HP AE1s and E01s at my local Staples, but they want $9.98 for them. I’ve also been waiting a long time for those NexxTech 25-packs to go back on sale for $3.99 or $4.99 like they did before, but that seems to happen only once or twice per year. What is CC waiting for? No one is going to buy them at the regular $14.99 price. They just sit there for months and months taking up space.

I also recently found an old spindle of Imation E01s at OfficeMax, sitting on a back shelf, but to my disappointment, the amount of writing space on the disks is nearly nonexistent. It’s almost all taken up by huge logos and other such nonsense. What was Imation thinking?

I’m glad you got some good discs. Last week I had the honor of buying the most horrible discs I’ve ever burned: MBIL RICOHJPNR03 from Circuit City. Maybe I should have looked in here before I bought 'em. :slight_smile:

I can honestly say I’ve not had the “pleasure” of the MBIL RICOHJPN R03’s - all mine have been Ritek-made. :slight_smile:

You’re very fortunate. I feel… sullied. :frowning:

Considering the generic name, NexxTech, they have always given me very acceptable burns (as long as I bought the E01s).
When I stopped at my local CC this afternoon, the shelves were bare of any NexxTech DVD media. Not sure if they stopped stocking it. Come to think of it, the shelves were pretty much bare of all DVD media, compared to what they used to have say a year ago or so.

That’s the opposite of the CC here. They’ve got more media on the shelves than any other retailer in town. Poor stuff, but they have a lot of it.

Hehe :bigsmile:

it certainly qualifies for good deals