TDK "Armour Plated" DVD-R -- any experience?

There are details about the supposedly super tough TDK DVD-R disk at – and there is a ‘mightily impressed’ review of these disks in the June 2003 of PC Authority magazine (in Australia). But the review itself was very unclear about the tests to which the disks were subjected, so I can’t take the review at face value (maybe just rushed journalism, or rushed testing?).

Anyway, a good quality DVD-R disk that really was tough enough to be readable after, according to TDK, being given a good rubbing with a Brillo pad would be a useful disk to have available, particularly for data/films/etc that were of very high value to you, maybe even irreplaceable, and for disks that were to be lent to many people.

These disks cost Aus$9.95 each, which is cheaper than Sony DVD-R/+R disks, indeed almost exactly the same price as the Pioneer and Mitsubishi DVD-R/+R disks we get here in Thailand and that give good results for backing up DVD movies. (The cheap disks – Melody, SuperBuy, no-name – always fail in my still very limited beginner’s experience.) By the way, I’m using the Sony DRU510A.

So: Does anyone have experience with these new “TDK Armour Plated DVD-R” disks? If so, does that experience support the contention (/media hype) that they’re much more resistant to damage than standard DVD media?

Thank you.