TDK announces their Ultra-Durable Armor Plated 8cm DVD-R



I just posted the article TDK announces their Ultra-Durable Armor Plated 8cm DVD-R.

  TDK Expands Its Line of Ultra-Durable Armor Plated  Recordable DVD Media with the Introduction  of 8cm Discs with UV-Protection Ultra-Durable DVD Discs Utilize UV Protection and Advanced  Disc...
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is this for real, has april come early?


They are durable thats for sure. I saw one with a permanent marker pen written all over it and then it was scratched with steel wool and a bit of acetone was wiped onto it. It still played perfect.


At Twelve Dollars U.S. it’s Christmas come early and Grinch TDK Take it away.What idiot would pay $ 12 per 1.4GB Disc?:r
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I would buy a few of these but at USD 12 only a few. There is still a need for this technology.


for this price ., they must be made of gold :slight_smile: not for me


Slight Correction the DVD RW is $ 12 the DVD R is $ 9 Which is not much improvement