TDK announces Blue-Laser Disc Technology to support 200GB capacity

I just posted the article TDK announces Blue-Laser Disc Technology to support 200GB capacity.

announces Blue-Laser Disc Technology to support 200GB capacity
Pioneer Achieves Massive Capabilities for High Definition Blue-Laser

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This is excellent news, hopefully soon the BD players will have support for 100 and 200 GB discs ensuring compatability sooner rather than later. Glad to see 6x writing will be available soon, way to go TDK!

personally I would be delighted if they could get BD50 working first. This sort of announcement is typical of BluRay…maybe they should try and meet some of the past promises (working pre-recorded 50GB discs!) before promising even more :r

and to think people are dying of hunger and poverty around the world strange very strange

sony’s has the nerve to let TDK announce about their 200GB media when they can’t even make 50gb ones. Sony should really be ashamed of themselves. They really think that people give a shit at this point about 200gb BD media when 50GB ones are nowhere to be seen. Not only that, now it seem like the current BD player and prototypes can’t even read them…HA! HA!..taking about adding insult to injury. @Sony just give up! You lost your credibility a long time ago. We are really sick and tired of non delivered promises.
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They’re not easy to find (nor cheap) but Sony’s 50GB BD-R media is available.

Wake me up when they are

>>>> They’re not easy to find (nor cheap) but Sony’s 50GB BD-R media is available.

Sony does a lot of leeching off of other companies technologies. For example, i just read their Bravia TVs are based on Samsung technology and everyone knows about their burners, which are Lite-ons. If they want to survive they should stop spreading themselves so thin and co-operate with other companies. They should squash all of the propietary stuff and embrace what people want. That may never happen because as big as they are, their arrogance wouldn’t let them admit maybe they don’t know it all.

Well, initially Sony made its own DVD burners but figured it is cheaper to let someone else to the manufacturing. They seem to be moving away from Lite-On now though, as the last couple of drives (810A and 820A) were BenQs and the latest, the 18x, is one from their joint venture with NEC (Optiarc).

Did I mention that I’ve produced a 240GB 30-layer DVD. Unfortunately, the disc cost a million dollars and there will NEVER be hardware to play it. Still, I’ll just go on and on about it for five years or so until everyone believes it’s going to be the next big thing in optical recording:p

I wonder how fast one will be able to record onto those 200GB discs. At “1x” (36 mbps) it will take 12 hours. :frowning:

Lets see, a 50GB disc will probably be around 40-60USD so this would be 160-240USD a disc. Wow, what a deal! Unless they come down real low in price, I do not see this being a viable technology for consumers. Maybe for goverments and such but not the average consumer.

Uau! Nowadays all Blu-Ray or Sony related news is converted onto a Sony bash fest. Personally, I think it’s getting tiresome but, hey, keep it up if you must.

TDK and Panasonic have no problem making BD-RDL media. Sony is still having problems with BD-RDL though, which is also true for BD-ROMDL, and since Sony makes all the replicated BD media, this is a problem for film releases. Hopefully TDK and Panasonic will make some suggestions to Sony.