TDK announces armor plated DVD media - goodbye scratches

I just posted the article TDK announces armor plated DVD media - goodbye scratches.

Hakim used our newssubmit to tell us that TDK has announced the availability of armor plated DVD media. According to the company the DVD discs are hard coated enough to resist even steel wool pads…

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I always wondered why DVDs have absolutely no protective coating like most CDs have, I bet it’s so people would have to go out and buy another copy if it gets damaged. :frowning: I hope all DVD media makers use this. DVDs are sooooooooooo sensitive I’ve once left a very faint scratch trying to get some dirt off a disc with a silk cloth. Total BS. :r :frowning:

This is great! :slight_smile: I always burn my stuff in duplicate so that I have a backup. (Timetested way of backing up stuff, make an extra copy and give it to a friend :)) I hope it won’t be too expensive so that a lot of people buy it, and maybe even will get to be the standard