TDK announces 48X TDK veloCD



I just posted the article TDK announces 48X TDK veloCD.

TDK has announced it’s 48x drive, the TDK 48x VeloCD. This new TDK model is able to write at 48x speed, rewrite at 24x and read the data back at 48x.

The writing strategy used is CAV which…

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They may be rebadges, but they’re blue! :4 I’ve got the 40/12/48 model and it’s quite a performer, even though it’s a sanyo


Just one quesiton. We all know they are a rebadger but who are the rebadging here??? 24 speed re-write. Okay we all know it is in the deck but not here yet. Unless it is the mitsumi with the quasi 24X re-write. I sure hope it is a lite-on though:-)


Yes, it’s a Lite-On :wink: Yes, I’m sure.