TDK 8x DVD+R 25pk Clearance @ Best Buy - $3.99!



DVD+RR8XCB25 the price marked was $6.99 (USD) but they come up $3.99. :slight_smile:
Made In Taiwan = CMC MAG E01


It’s really too bad none of the TDK 8x seems to be RICOHJPNR02 anymore. Not knocking the CMC MAG E01; I’ve had great results with them lately.


I just hope they hold up over time. :slight_smile:



I saw those, but they also have spindle packs of 100 TDK 8x DVD+R for $22.99 on clearance!

What the heck is going on!!!


My local bestbuy still has some TDK TY02 in 100pack.


But why so cheap?

I just seemed like 3 months ago they were blowing out 4x media. Now all of the sudden no more 8x media. This will render my DVD Recorder extinct unless there is some firmware upgrade!