TDK 8X 100PK DVD-R $22.99 free shipping @–CE00036117010060
TDK 8X 100PK DVD-R47DBC100 - Retail $22.99 (limit 5)
looks like ChiefValue(NewEgg’s sister site)has some old stock TDKs

:flower: could I have a member of the ‘Illuminati’ chime in with what kind they are,please? (Daxon :confused: Prodisc)

:a I got roasted,they sent me TDK 16X instead of 8X
the newer packed version which are the RITEK F-16(?)
the same kind I don’t buy because they suck!:eek:
what p!sses me off even more:a is that the website says the
16X-R 100pk are out of stock!

oh well,at least my new JVC disks are on the way:cool:

Ritek F16 are only +R, you probably mean Ritek F1 which are -R.

However, that sucks they are not 8x discs when clearly they are shown as 8x. A lot of stores do this, unfortunately. The part number on 16x discs is often the same as the 4x and 8x versions, and the warehouse people are clueless most of the time… still, this is annoying and has happened to me, too - so don’t feel too bad.

Chief Value sorted me out!:clap:
I’m getting a refund,they’re waiving the restock fee,and they will re-imburse me for the shipping costs:iagree: …NICE!
( I guess they found out I’ve been dropping G’s over @ NewEgg;))
so to make this post more interesting,how about this:

Buy 500PK Assorted paper sleeves, Get 500PK White paper sleeves for FREE @Supermediastore $25 Expires: 10/18/2009

There’s nothing wrong with 16x TDK DVD+R, especially if you get spindles made in Malaysia, which are Daxon. Haven’t tried the Prodisc, and RITEK F16 can burn pretty well, but it depends on the burner and batch (RITEK F16 is kind of like RICOHJPN R03, sometimes it burns awesome, and sometimes it sucks).

Also, the paper sleeves from places like Meritline and Supermediastore are usually super thin, cheap, and they suck. Get some of the nice paper or tyvek sleeves from Rima. Those are the good ones.

Here are burns from a just opened 100-pack spindle of TDK 16x DVD+R (Made in Malaysia):

Oh, and in specific regards to TDK 8x media, the -R would be CMC MAG AE1, and the +R would be CMC MAG E01. I prefer the +R, which burns great.

The last batch of Ritek F1 I got were pretty decent also
at least as good as the CMC MAG AM3 I use all the time
for movie backups / givaways