TDK 880N Need original 1.31 firmware Please

Could someone who has this firmware, or who knows how to get it, please tell me where I can get it. My drive was Mfg in 2004 and it had the 1.31 firmware, however, I updated to the 1.33a and would like to revert back to 1.31.

Thanks very much. I tried the tdk tech support, but they only have 1.3Z and the 1.33


That firmware was probably very similar to the official NEC 1.06
Load 1.06 on there!

I just noticed that TDB have 1.31 RPC1 and riplock removed on their site.

Thanks, but I was looking for the original Firmware. However, I am using the 1.33 and it seems to work fine for the moment.