TDK 880n Burn Error




I am just starting to get into the buring of DVD Video
I just received and installed the TDK 880N DVD Burner.
I tried to burn a compolation DVD of 5 mpgs using Nero 6. I tried twice and received an error unable to create disk structure or something like that. I am able to write data to the disks, I copied a large part of my file archive. Anyone know if the problem is hardware or software related. I am using maxell dvd+r 8X media.

Thanks for your help.


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I tried to burn a compolation DVD of 5 mpgs using Nero 6
Did you use Nero Vision Express? Or did you just try to drop and drag the files and burn them as DVD_Video?


I used Nerovision Express 3 and drag and drop, is this a big no, no?


Usually for creating clips on DVD with menu’s NVE is the way to go, so you’ve chosen the right procedure. The clips your trying to put on DVD what format are they? eg VCD, SVCD, AVI, DIVX, XVID etc… If your not sure download this: It will identify the format, and check you have the correct codecs installed. Normally though NVE is fine with any format, provided the files/clips arent corrupt and have been created correctly. If you didnt have the correct codecs, it would/should tell you.
So with NVE you’d pick- ‘create DVD Video’ then ‘add files’, create menus, select your video options,(2 pass/1 pass, HQ/SP, LPCM/MPEG audio) then encode and burn.


I think my problem is that I didn’t receive any software with the drive (ebay purchase). Does anyone know where I can download drivers for the 880n, or the original software for the drive. I run Windows 2000 SP4. Thanks.