TDK 880n 16x media support firmware?

Does anyone know if there is a firmware upgrade for a TDK 880n to make it work with 16x media at 8x (or any speed as long as it works.) I can’t seem to find anything out there :frowning: Thanks

Try 1.37 from here: If it still doesn’t work with newer discs, maybe you can crossflash it to a NEC (it had another update just last month I believe). Use the Search function, and I’m sure you’ll find if/how it can be done.

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I tried the 1.37 with no luck and after doing some extensive searching found out that they (memorex 16x dvd-r) won’t work with the nec 2500 firmware either. Oh well I suppose it was time to upgrade anyway. Just ordered a Liteon 20x dvd±r with dvd-ram/dl/lightscribe capabilities off newegg for $38.00! I had no idea the price of these things had dropped so much. I believe I paid around 3 times that much for this POS. Anyway thanks alot for the help :slight_smile:

Crossflash to an NEC 2510, then use MCSE tool.

Just an update on this…Crossflashed to Liggy and Dee’s Original NEC 2510 firmware 2.19 (Orig) and all appears to be well. Burns perfectly at 8x. Not quite sure what exactly to do with the MCSE tool yet. I think i’ll just leave it alone until I figure out what I’m doing with it as the crossflash did the job I was looking for. Thanks again :clap: