TDK 840G Problems!

I purchased the TDK 840G DVD +/-RW 8X about 2 months ago.
During that time I have used this burner with various medias and software. More than 90% of the time the drive did not perform adequately.
Problems have ranged from:

  • Burn errors that resulted in coasters. I have a stack of them. I used various programs and media. So I am not talking about isolated situations.
  • Slow recording speed. I compared it to my Sony DRU500AX. As an example, on a 4X-R, Sony will burn at a rate of 12 minutes per GB, whereas the TDK will take 18 minutes per GB. That translates to 50% slower.
  • The TDK is supposed to burn at 8X. My most recent test on a Ritek 8X -R clocked at 1:42:26 to copy 4.21 GB. That represents 24 minutes per GB. Slower than 4X media!
  • The TDK has problem recognizing (therefore reading or writing) certain media. Such as Memorex 4X +RW.

The media I have used are -/+ R and RW in 2.4, 4 and 8 X from Sony, TDK, Memorex, Ritek, Memorex and a few other names.
The software I used are Roxio, Nero, Instant Copy, DVD X Copy to name a few.

I have also upgraded the unit to the latest firmware (1.04). Which happens to be the second firmware upgrade in 2 months for a relatively new unit. Shortly after I bought my unit I started noticing retailers (stores and on line) heavily discounting the unit. Two firmware upgrades plus heavy discounting… you draw your own conclusion.

Let me also add that I have contacted TDK tech support on these issues. They have not been helpful.
This is from the latest email I received from them: "… you are using a 3rd party software, and we cannot really provide any support for them. The DRU-500 is a much older drive with better compatibility with different software packages on the market…”
Again you can draw your own conclusion.

I am interested in hearing from other TDK 840G users. Have you encountered problems of any kind with this drive? What programs have you used successfully or had problems with? Same question for medias. Have you compared your unit with other brands?
Your contribution will be very welcomed.
Thank you.

dude i’m having the exact same problems. i’m going to try these so called remix drivers (although i have an nforce 1 chip). i’m also RMA-ing this POS ASAP.

I just bought this unit in December. It has worked good with DVD-R. However, I have not be able to create a single successful DVD+R disk. Any suggestions on how to resolve problem with DVD+R?

I’ve had my TDK840G since the 1st week of January and so far mine has been flawless !

Media used Sony +R (Richojpnr01) burns perfectly at 8x. Full video DVD in approximately 8-9mins. I’ve made about 15 burns with these disks.

Also have burned Taiyo Yuden 4x -R media with zero problems. Burn speeds have been consistant with 4x. Burnt about 10 of these.

Also have burned a handfull of TY CDR’s at 40x without a single hiccup.

All my burns have been with Nero.

Perhaps some of you have bad drives, or incompatible hardware setups (I’ve hear Nforce motherboards ide drivers are a pain with lots of burners)

My setup is an ASUS intel motherboard running Win XP Pro. The TDK is the master on the second IDE.

Also have you searched through the Plextor forum for possible help? as this is the same drive as the 708a.

JustMike … Thanks for your response.

I am using Windows XP Home edition. I have a DELL 8200 system with two Seagate HDs, a NEC CDRW, and the TDK840g (all Cable Select). I am using Nero (v6.0.0.0) for my burning software. I have used Memorex DVD-R 4x flawlessly (over 50 burned with no hitch). Recently, I tried using the TDK DVD+R that came with the unit and tried burning at 8X. It failed and gave me the following message:
“Invalid Field in Command
Could not perform end of Disc-At-Once
Burn Process failed at 8x”
I bought tried Memorex DVD+R at 4x and 8x with similar results (4 out of 4 failures). Overall, I am quite pleased with the TDK 840g except for the issue of failures with DVD+Rs. Before I set myself to only using DVD-R, I was hoping for a solution from someone out there on the DVD+R issue.

I haven’t got a TDK 840G - but it’s worth knowing it’s a rebadged Plextor PX-708A, so reading the various threads in the Plextor forum seems worthwhile.

Ted - if you’re really using Nero, download and install the latest version ( Early versions of Nero 6 were buggy - and may be the reason for your problems. There certainly were issues with closing discs on early versions of Nero 6 with the PX-708A. Reports of these problems seem to have tailed off - though I suppose the latest drive firmware may also be part of the solution.


Well everybody!
Since my last post I continued to be busy testing and testing the heck out of the TDK 840G.
I am still creating a few coasters.
Meanwhile my Sony DRU500AX is creating flawless DVD.
While at a recent visit to a local store I noticed an I/O Magic Dual Format 8X for less then $90.00. Considering that I have already spent almost that much (if not more) on coasters, I decided to buy the unit.
I would like to report that so far the I/O Magic was able to reach several frontiers that the TDK has stumbled and failed.
The drive does not require a firmware update and gives me the freedom to use it with my existing software. Also the great price.
Maybe I have a bad TDK unit. However TDK does not think so. Instead they brush me off.
I am sorry to say that TDK as a company has been a great dissapointment.

Yes this drive shold be a Plextor PX-708A if I’m correct.

Your writing times is way worse than they should be…checked if DMA is enabled for the writer?