TDK 840G - new firmware out

Seems like a mirror of the Plex 708A firmware. [the install app even has the plextor “P” logo in the upper left corner.]

Available here:

IndiDVD 1.03 Firmware Upgrade - Click to Download
Provides greater compatibilty with various DVD Media

Download Firmware 1.03 to Desktop
Doulbe click on DVDRW840G_103.exe
Cick on OK. and choose the TDK DVDRW840G drive.
Click Update to start the flashing process.
If asked, let the computer reboot or left click Exit on the flasher program when the flasher program is completed.

double click the file and look at the bottom right side.
they forgot to change “Plextor” to “TDK”.
now we’re 100% sure its the PX-708A drive.

Yes indeed. I’ve now added this new firmware to our firmware section. Thanks for letting us know controller2k4!