TDK 840G Driver - SOS!

I just got a used set of TDK 840G DVD RW drive. But I dont have a driver to run this driver on my laptop. I looked through the forum and I can see posts those were posted in 2004 point to a ftp location, but that location does not exist anymore or may be I am not able to access that.

Does any one has any driver that I can install on my laptop to get this thing running??



Hi and Welcome!

you don’t need a driver. Period.
To use the unit as CD or DVD burner, you need to install CD/DVD burning software. ImgBurn is a free one which is highly recommended here.


thanks for quick responce. But I am still facing the same issue. The disc burning software does not reflect the drive in the list. System still says its an unknown device. Any suggestions?
Please answer in this thread, not in personal message to give other experienced users the opportunity to provide additional hints. Thanks.

Most important question now: What operating system (Windows version) is used?


it’s a rebadged plextor. maybe 708a? try that firmware.