TDK 78088 advice needed


Ive just purchased my first pack of BDR (25GB) bit of a impulse buy while i was in the store ( something i now regret)

Here the link of the info

The disc are made in India 78088

I have not opened the discs (still sealed) as i wanted to ask here at cd freaks if i have brought duds

Im just itching to burn my first bdr as i have 75gb of family photos and videos from the past 30 yrs on a seagate usb HD that i would transfer to bluray


Hi Zack,

You may want to reconsider your purchase. Our member cvs took a chance on those, and here is the outcome.

Probably not a good choice for important archives.

Thanks for the help

I will return the TDK discs as they are still unopened and i have the reciept, if the store just offers a credit note instead of cash then i will just sell them on bay as a unwanted christmas gift

Just out of curiosity how long will the archive of unimportant data ( spreadsheets, pdf documents) last before the dye loses cohesion and data becomes unreadable

With a disc that varies in quality as much as those TDK PHILIPR04 do, nobody can tell you. My own lasted about a year.

That is, the ones that I didn’t throw away immediately due to very bad burn quality.