TDK 52/24/48 - Can I flash it with Lite-On firmware?

I bought the TDK 52/24/48, and now I’m regretting it. I’d like the benefits of Lite-On firmware and the 52x read speed that the newest Lite-On offers. I can’t return my drive since it’s already been opened or something, the store is being a jerk about it. Can someone tell me how to overclock/flash it to be equivalent to the Lite-On 52/24/52, if this is even possible?

Do you think that 4x will make a big difference? You can, but backup the firmware and send it to me first :slight_smile:

How do I do that? And what firmware do I want to flash it with. Is there only one 52x firmware?

You can back it up with mtkflash, read the sticky guide here. You would want to flash it with the newest firmware for the 52246S which is 6S07 also using mtkflash.

I got the firmware from Lite-On’s site, and it’s an exe I can supposedly just run from inside Windows. Do I have to use mtkflash?

And I’m looking through that thread and don’t really understand how to backup the firmware. I have Win XP on one NTFS partition, no other versions of Windows, and DMA set to automatically configure. The TDK is the master on the secondary IDE chain. And I have the Pioneer DVR-A04 as the slave on the secondary IDE. Heard something about that being dangerous… Just giving all the info before I do something, which path should I go.

With this setup, is it even safe just to use the exe firmware from Lite-On’s page?

You have to use mtkflash. Read the mtkflash guide; it explains how to backup and how to install a new firmware.

I don’t have a binary of the firmware though, it’s an exe, even labeled as a “Windows Flash Utility”.

There’s a Lite-On exe-to-bin utility. Or you could hex edit the exe to change what drive/firmware it’s looking for…

Can someone tell me why I CAN’T use the Lite-On exe’s?

And is my setup fine in terms of doing it either way? Cuz on that help thread you linked to, it set there are problems with other drives on the same IDE channel.

Because the LiteOn EXE will refuse to flash your drive! And you can get any binary from

If another mediatek drive is on the same channel, you can bad-flash both drives.
You can of course disconnect the Pioneer writer before converting if you want to be sure!

Ah, ok. That was the part I was missing, sorry for not believing you guys.

Ok, I’m at the binary site, which one do I want? The 6S02 or the 6S07? I’m assuming the 6S07 since that’s the only one the Lite-On site still offers (retired the 6S02 or something), but I just want to check.

I will unplug the Pioneer DVR-A04 just to be safe. One last question, is it ok that the CD-RW I’m gonna be flashing is the master on the secondary IDE? Or does it have to be on the primary IDE?

It doesn’t matter what channel it is hooked up to, but you have to know which it is. Don’t forget to backup your drive first and send it to me :smiley:

Ok, I’ll definitely be backing it up first.

How do I boot into real DOS from Windows XP? I can’t even make one of those boot discs. I downloaded that nero boot cd image and burned it, but I thought you had to boot from a floppy?

It is possible to boot from a cd as well, but you may have to make sure that your BIOS is set to look for a boot record on your cd-rom drive. You can get utilities to make boot disks from Just restart with either the boot-cd or the boot-disk in its drive and you should be there.

For future reference; Hijacker from made a really nice Boot-CD image which you can get from here.