TDK 50 Spindle [Inkjet printable]

Has anyone purchased these DVD-Rs before and know if they’re any good?

They are TDK in a 50 spindle with white inkjet printable tops:

I’ve purchased the 25 spindle of TDK before but they were made in Taiwan so I ended up returning them… atm using TDK 4X in jewel cases for ~3.60 each from JB Hi-Fi but I end up throwing away the jewel cases…


Yup, they’re Taiyo Yudens (TYG01), and you can get a better deal at JB Hi-Fi - $136.00 for the same 50-pack.


Yep I saw them in JB so just used that site for the picture

Are they exactly the same as the single TDKs… and have you run any tests on the discs to see if they are of the same quality?

These discs are exactly the same as the jewel cased ones, only difference is the white printable top. The unbranded white top is an advantage IMHO.