TDK 50-Pack CDRs - 700mb - any good ? - UK

Seen a lot of these about recently - any good ?

has lux on the side

Mine say something about the Duchy of Luxembourg too, I think they all do. If the ones you’ve seen, however, actually say Made in Luxembourg…Evilboy can probably tell you about those :wink:

The TDK CDRs I’ve used have been either MBI or CMC made, which you can usually tell by the cakebox.

Virtually all TDK packagings mention TDK’s address in Luxembourg, but not the real country of origin.
My 25 disc TDK 16x DVD+R (which is TY in a That’s cakebox) have the Luxembourg address on it too, but it doesn’t say MIJ although it is.

Yes, the TDK CD-R are usually CMC or MBI.
Both are good for short-time usage, but I would avoid the MBI if you don’t want to reburn the data after one or two years. Some MBI CD-R (granted, they were Imation…) became worse and worse in just one year here…

Made in Luxembourg TDK cakeboxes usually have a five-letter code (like BWAEA or BWAEB) on the bottom, above the recycling sign.
If MIL cakeboxes are TDK branded, they are fully shrinkwrapped (not only the side), but in a soft-feeling shrinkwrap.
If MIL cakeboxes are Imation or Sony branded, they have a regular shrinkwrap, but with “teeth” on the top, and a small perforated area to rip it open more easily.

If you have Made in Luxembourg TDK CD-R, they’re excellent.
Recently, I’ve only seen 40x 800 MB TDK Luxembourg CD-R in 25 disc cakeboxes.


so kosher ones are good

time for soem retail investigations methinks