TDK 4x +R disks at Staples

Just bought a 25 disk pack of these TDK’s at Staples. Total price with tax came out to $43.24, so $1.73 each—not too bad for my area.

I’ve only burned one so far. No problems with it, but since I don’t have a Lite-on drive, I can’t test it with Kprobe. It has the RICOHJPNR01 ATIP, and from a recent thread it seems that doesn’t tell me very much—could be ricoh, ritek or cmc apparently.

I used an NEC 1300a burner at 4x speed and using Herrie’s 107 bios. Hope the rest come out as well as the first.

Anyway, this is just a fyi notice.

That’s the same ADIP as some Memorex and Verbatim that have been posted. If you search the DVD test forum for “RICOHJPNR01”, you can see other’s experiences with them.

I looked through those tests and there seems to be quite a bit of variation for the RICOHJPNR01 adip. Different burners, different drives used during the test–I know there will be variations when you change the parameters of your tests so much. I’d like to know how consistent the tests are batch to batch—but that will take time.

You may have to test a great many of each type to get a useful set of data.

Wish I could help, but don’t have the correct type of dvd drive. You’d get a lot more information in from members here if you could find a testing program that worked for more drives.

The drives used for burning and scanning are the biggest variable, not the software or the media. My advise is to buy a drive that has the tools available! (LiteOn of course):wink:

I have to add this little bit. The first burn must have been a fluke, cause nothing since has worked with these TDK’s. Had to return them for a refund.

Lots of errors in DVD Info test.

I’m not yet convinced of how well DVDInfo checks errors. The author tells me that it is simply reporting that the sector was not able to be read after a certain number of tries. so it corresponds somewhat with what CDSpeed is doing on error scans. I’ve yet to see any correlation between errors reported in DVDInfo and those reported in Kprobe. And, I have disks that report unreadable sectors in DVDInfo which are perfectly readable elsewhere.
It’s still possible that your NEC just doesn’t like them.