TDK 4x Multi format +/- Internal DVDRW for $271 shipped with media

Just took the plunge guys
Bought the TDK indiDVD 4x DVD+R/-R for $271 thats shipped
As mentioned the price is $321, I added some DVD-R and DVD+R
media 5 packs which pushed it over $350 then added the
2 $45 off coupons below for an addtional $90 off plus free
shipping and NO TAX! sent to San Diego. Usually when sent
from the Utah or Kentucky warehouses the California tax is
not applicable…and that added to this deal.

If you can live with a Black Bezel this may be the deal of the year.

THIS IS THE LAST DAY 4/29 for the coupons:

Coupon Code: AA6363649171 / 502A2D028D7E - Expires: 4/29/2003

Order detail - order placed 4/29/2003 12:21:46 PM

4x Multi format +/- Internal DVDRW drive Qty: 1 Unit Price: 321.95

DVD-R / DVD-RW Combo Pack - 3 DVD-R and 3 DVD-RW in Jewel Cases Qty: 1 Unit Price: 20.45

DVD+R/DVD+RW Media Bundle - 5-Pack Qty: 1 Unit Price: 18.95

Sub-Total $361.35

Discount -$90.00

Shipping $6.00

Shipping Discount -$6.00

Estimated Tax $0.00

Total Price $271.35

Sorry forgot to post the link:

Looked on Dell and this drive appears to be only a DVD +R/W drive and does not support -R/W media? Above picture (in earlier thread) and posts appear to show it supports -R/W. What’s the deal?

UPDATE: Contacted TDK and they said the multi-format DVD writer will not ship for another 10-14 days. I am going to call DELL - I don’t get this at all…

UPDATE: Called DELL and they said they only sell the +R/W drive. Hmmm…

Dell had the TDK Dual Format AID+440BX listed on their website at $321.95 on Tuesday, but pulled it off either Tues. night or Wed morn. I had ordered it Tues. morning and when I checked the order status yesterday, it showed delayed. So, I imagine it’ll go back up on the site as soon as the drives start shipping.

Same here Abell…ordered on 4-29 and it went through.
The order status still showing delayed. The media is in transit
and scheduled for 5-5 delivery…Order Status below:

Currently one or more items are not available. Every effort is being made to complete your order.
Delayed 5/7/2003

Sku: A0103817 Quantity: 1
Description: 4x Multi format +/- Internal DVDRW drive

as you said the Item Sku# comes up dead

Same message and dates Chaz.

I received a 10 pack of Verbatim -R’s from my order today.

Four vendors show up on PriceWatch as carrying the 440, but on Back Order/Not in Stock.

If I recall correctly, the original description of the 440 @ Dell showed it shipping with Pinnacle Studio 8 SE in the software bundle at the time. Now it looks like the bundle is all Roxio according to the press release on the 5th. Might be the reason for the delay on TDK’s part.


Saw these at ComputerGeeks…seem pretty reasonable.
I used these (Memorex 2X +R’s) on my girlfriends NEC1100a
and they worked perfectly

Probably going fast though

I purchased an internal TDK Indi Dual Format DVD R/RW off the shelf from Fry’s in Burbank, CA last Saturday (5-2-03). They had two on the shelf when I went there and when I left, they only had one. >8P

The faceplate is black, but it is a glossy finish, although I think it looks good (to me anyway). I paid $329.00 plus tax so it looks like it can be had for less, but they are out there.

No report on how it works as a recorder yet. Too busy with project for work.


I actually received the one I had ordered from Dell yesterday evening. Haven’t had time to install, yet.

I also noticed they had a couple on the shelves at Comp USA today when I was in picking up a couple -R/W and +R/W’s. Looks like they had just put them out, no price displayed.

Online, looks like the lowest price is Googlegear @ $297.99 shipped. They showed in stock yesterday, but now back out.

Staples would also be a good one to monitor also as they do currently carry the 420N +R/RW drive and put out coupon codes frequently.

BTW, Comp USA has a special going on Memorex (50% off -R/W and +R/W singles). I believe they came up as $3.50/ea. Price should be good thru Sat 10th.