Tdk 48x. Is this crappy or what?

I know tdk’s are made by cmc. And this is my first time using kprobe. How do I read this chart? It looks like this disc is pretty crappy.

I burned this svcd at 16x by the way. I will try higher speeds later.

of course, the disc is playable in my drive…

I guess it was the speed problem. This time I burned at 24x

TDK can be either CMC or Ritek. The CMC is, well, CMC. I would suggest 32x max speed on this media on your drive, and as you’ve seen, slower is not always better. Also suggest scanning at 32x. But these scans are not out of the ordinary with the 40x drive.

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It looks like this disc is pretty crappy.


as it seems to me, you just mixed up the 2 scans. It must be like :

the upper one - burning @24x ( a typically looking P-CAV/CAV scan ),
the lower one - @16x, 'coz it’s clearly CLV burning.

The scans could look much better if :

  1. the drive was more modern

  2. the read speed was lowered.

Finally, I have these TDK ( by CMC ) and as I’ve always said the media is just average.
There are much worse cases.