TDK 440N what 4x -r media?!

I’ve got a TDK 440N and have been very happily burning CompUSA branded dvd-r’s at 2x. (firmware hacked 1.08)

I’m just wondering: are there any cheap (princo / etc…) dvd-r’s that will burn at 4x on this drive? I just had to RMA a 25 spindle of “Xtreme 4x” disks. (they suck). (even w/ the hacked 1.08).
Basically, in your experience what’s the cheapest DVD-R that will consistantly burn at 4x on this drive. (and I believe that this drive is the same as the NEC 1300a) from reading posts it seams like the Ritek G04 disks are the best. (or G03 I forgot)
-thanks for any input.

Although I do not own this drive myself I’ve heared pretty good user reports about discs made by these manufacturers. (Notice, this is not the best discs, it’s the cheapest discs that will work ok at 4X).

Lead Data
Princo (Try to get the A grade ones, the B grad discs totally suck).

The Xtreme 4x from allmediaoutlet didn’t work in my TDK 440n, I just burned 12 copies @ 4x with Memorex 4x disks I bought at CompUsa. DVD Decrypter says they are ProdiscS03. I’ve got the latest firmware 1.08 (hacked version) in my drive.