TDK 440N Problems

I’m using DvdShrink 3.0 Beta, Copy Dvd, and Nero Ultra Edition and i have no problems at all.

Just wanted to second that dvdshrink 3 beta and nero 5.5.10 work together fine to backup dvds. I’ve done so with - and + media. I have the external TDK indiDVD440 external using firewire.


gentlemen, I have the answer. Upgrade your firmware from TDK from the shipped 1.05 to 1.08. its freely available on the TDK website. This fixed the problem with writing DVD-R with Nero. I just wrote at 4x a DVD-R with Nero 6.0 no problem whatsoever. Just for the record, I tried previously with nero 6.0 and 1.05 firmware and had the same problem.