TDK 440 4x burner (NEC 1300) & Sony 1x-8x media



Hi Folks,

I have the above drive and had been using 4x DVD-R media from TDK, Memorex, Mitsui, Sony & Maxell media without any problems (oh yes, my firmware is Herrie’s hacked 1.09 with bitsetting). Yesterday I bought a box each of Sony 1x-8x DVD-Rs (SONY08D1) and TDK DVD-Rs (TTG02) and neither work! The TDKs are rated at 8x, so I can understand that, but the Sonys specify 1x-8x. When I load either of them, my burner recognizes them as 2x discs, but refuses to burn.

Does anyone know if there’s a more current modified firmware that will allow me to use either or both of these media?




Try the latest Herrie 1.0C Bitsetting firmware


That link doesn’t work.


i can open here, but the firmware link not working, you must wait :wink:


Your TDK is now turned into a Nec, right? you could try the latest official firmware from Nec but no bitsetting…


Wait a sec. Noob here. You’re telling me a TDK 440N is actually an NEC burner??


It’s a hacked firmware from Herrie. I’m looking for the latest hacked one that is based on NEC’s offiicial 1.0c. O can get to Herrie’s site, but the link to the firmware is kaput.



For more NEC firmware please have a look on my NEC mirror site. The link can be found below.


But I don’t find the requested NEC 1x00 firmwares on your page. Either you forgot to link them or they are not there at all.


Hehe, Liggy you are right about the 1x00 firmware. I was to quick with the respons. Maybe I can make a new page with this firmware :slight_smile:


get it here :wink:


THANK YOU!!! It works beautifully. I can now burn those TDK & Sony discs.