TDK 420n reads/won't read commercial discs

Hey all, new to the forum.

My TDK 420n FW 1.3A seems to be becoming erratic. It’s starting to report NO MEDIA (as tested by SmartBurn or DVDinfopro) too often, on virgin blank +R media, or commercial DVDs which are spotless looking. The drive light will stay on 15 secs for a good read; if it goes longer, like 70 secs, I am hosed. NO MEDIA.

I burned about 25 discs on Ridata +RW; now it doesn’t recognize some of these, so I can’t erase. (they play on the standalone Philips) This was a 50 spindle from Meritline, but when I got to the last 10 discs, none of them would read.

So then I got TDK +R media (since its a TDK drive, right?) and I still get a couple of coasters, or NO MEDIA.

Sometimes a disk will read after a reboot. Sometimes if I reinsert it it might work. Usually not.

Then I found the c-dilla anti-macrovision on the computer; got rid of it. I wonder if this damaged the drive?

What’s a good test to check the drive out?


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Sounds like your DVD laser might be dirty or going bad.

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Test the drive in another computer to see if it works or not.

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