TDK 40x12x48x

Does this model have smart-burn ? If it doesn’t can I use tdk’s firmware for lite-on 40x12x48x to disable smart-burn feature which I don’t like?

Smart-burn as in a buffer underrun protection? All modern CDRWs have em, TDK I know has its own version of it. They all work about the same. You know this model was just rated the top CDRW by PcWorld August issue, tho I don’t care for their opinion lol, I thought u’d like to kno.


I’m not sure if Nero allows it with TDK drives.

Disabling SMART-BURN is a bad idea as it allows you to write at full speed on crap media, which again may lead to unreadable discs or failed burns.

Yea I said the exact same thing on some other thread, but you should never disable it. The other person said something about the quality being better with it disabled, but that’s nonesense. If you check up on any of those explanation of these underbufferrun protection technologies, they are all the same, they only enable themselves when they need to, if they didn’t then dat cd would be nothing more than a coaster. And even when they do, the technology is constantly being refined, as the gap is smaller and smaller, there absolutely no quality lost, and if it were it would be the CD media, so NEVER disable it.

Hope this helps

Disabling it doesn’t actually turn it off anyway, it just turns off the part that pre-selects the max speed for the media. SmartBurn will continue to monitor the burn and slow the speed if needed.