TDK 40x12x48x

TDK just announced their new CD-Recorder (40x12x48x) and I am wondering if TDK has a good track record. Are the previous models fast and reliable compared to the competition? If so, are TDK recorders better than previous Plextor and/or LiteOn models? The reason I am asking is because I want to know if I should wait for the TDK or if I should go ahead and buy the TEAC 40x12x48x Recorder. Thanks for the help!

TDK don’t produce the drives. They get them from different manufacturers.

I think the latest ones have been Sanyo.

I doubt it will be significantly better than those already on market.

TDK has usually used a Sanyo drive for their first run, then has switched to lite-on with their second run. You can tell by looking at the serial number on the bottom. If it starts with a ‘B’ then it is a Lite-on. In the case of the TDK 40x, TDK has rebadged the Lite-on with its initial run. It appears to be a really nice drive, but cannot be updated with Lite-on firmware as its ID string is TDK instead of Lite-on.