Tdk 40/12/48x

I just got given a TDK40/12/48X(says on the face of the drive) after returning my previous 32/10/40X since it was faulty back to TDK, and i was wondering what drive this burner is based on. Is this a good drive? and what copy protections can i burn on it. It is a VeloCD model from Australia.

Also, it is somehow being detected as a TDK CDRW401240X! Shouldn’t it be a 401248X?? Does anybody know if this will affect my drive and its performance?

Thanx in advance

It’s probably a rebadged Lite-On LTR-40125S. More search results on TDK VeloCD in our Lite-On forum.

I don’t think it is a liteon, since it doesnt look like one and that it has 4MB buffer. Has anybody else got this burner? What do u think of it?