Tdk 321040b -> 40x?

Stumbled on your site while trying to see if there was firmware for my TDK321040B as it only writes @ 24x :frowning:
So after searching around i found that my drive is a LiteOn and can be flashed to a 40x drive
What would be the easiest way? i saw Mtkflash but i dont have a A:
i do have a Sony 510a (4x ±rw) i could use to boot it with but i need a dos CD which is easier said than done, at least for me
Any Advice?
Thanks a ton - i searched - i promise :slight_smile:

Know anyone with a computer with a floppy drive? Hook the drive in their computer and flash it. Make sure they do not have a lite on drive in their computer first though. :slight_smile:

thats good, but i was more interested in how to flash it, i heard you had to change the bin or the flasher because it isnt a true liteon drive
or is that only for the liteon flasher